Toxa Waterfall

The Fervenza do Toxa is a natural spectacle. A native forest leads to this impressive waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Galicia. It is an amazing festival of nature, a spectacle of light, water and sound that will hardly be forgotten.

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Pazo de Oca

Part of an original defensive type building, built by D. Suero de Oca at the end of the 15th century. In the 18th century, this building became a baroque-style agricultural and residential complex. Inside it houses the oldest Baroque garden in Galicia, terraced and dominated by water.

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Liñares River Beach

Located between the parishes of Lagartóns and Moreira, in the municipality of A Estrada, the Liñares river beach is privately operated, although it can be accessed through the river area to enjoy a day for adults and children with a bathing area and games.

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