Campo Lameiro

In Campo Lameiro the rocks speak with an ancient voice. This town hall, located in the region of Terras de Pontevedra, is known for being the Galician capital of rock art.

Campo Lameiro is a Galician municipality located in the Ría y Terras de Pontevedra region known for being the capital of rock art in Galicia. Its Archaeological Park of Rock Art keeps numerous samples of petroglyphs (prehistoric symbols engraved on rocks and prior to writing) of great historical value.

Campo Lameiro houses one of the most important cave art collections in Europe, in terms of quality and quantity. This group, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, sits on the mountains that surround the city and reflect its pre-coastal relief, where the mountains offer beautiful views and are home to an interesting fauna featuring wild horses.

The Lerez river also has an important natural value, watering the municipality and being the cradle of green valleys. In it we find an ideal river beach to relax after doing some of the routes and guided tours offered by the region to discover its cultural and natural heritage.