Toxa Waterfall

The Fervenza do Toxa is a natural spectacle. A native forest leads to this impressive waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Galicia. It is an amazing festival of nature, a spectacle of light, water and sound that will hardly be forgotten.

La Fervenza do Toxa is located in Pazos, in the town hall of Silleda. Being able to admire this “fervenza” (waterfall) is today a true privilege for anyone who comes here. In the XXI century we can still find a place of extraordinary beauty, where green vegetation, rock and water merge to achieve this masterpiece of nature.

The Toxa River has the honor of falling nearly 30 m vertically and sculpting the rock in a thousand ways, all surrounded by a dense forest of oaks, chestnut trees, cork oaks and dozens of other species.