Online Booking Conditions

All reservations made through the portal (hereinafter, the Website), property of RAUL PAZ REY, are subject to these general contracting conditions (hereinafter, GGC).
The CGC are complemented by the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, which must be fully accepted by the Users of the Website prior to making the purchase and, once accepted, will be understood to be included in the CGC for legal purposes. opportune.
By booking on the Website, you automatically accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.
The reservation of any service entails full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these GTC, without prejudice to the acceptance of the particular conditions that may apply when purchasing certain services.
RAUL PAZ REY is empowered to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these conditions, without prior notice, with the exception that this power of modification cannot affect the contracts that are in force at that time. .
The services offered are directed, solely and exclusively, to natural persons, of legal age, and legal entities, considered as “consumers” or “users” in the current applicable legislation.
The Website does not require prior subscription for simple browsing, access or use of the service in question.


Company name: RAUL PAZ REY
Registered office: AVDA DE SANTIAGO 35, 36680 – A ESTRADA (PONTEVEDRA)
C.I.F.: 76871457Y
Prior administrative authorization, REAT No.: H-PO-2278, VUT-PO-006358 and VUT-PO-007031, with the competent body in charge of its supervision being the Axencia Turismo de Galicia, dependent on the Presidency of the Xunta de Galicia.


The information provided by RAUL PAZ REY to the consumer or user about the services offered will be in accordance with the essential characteristics of the service being reserved. However, it is clear that, with regard to the photographs, they have a mere indicative nature, and there may be variations in their physical appearance, but without undermining the integrity and performance of the requested service.
RAUL PAZ REY will keep the prices of the services permanently updated.
When the homes are selected, all the services they have are indicated.
RAUL PAZ REY is exonerated from the opinions or comments made and disseminated by consumers and users through the website, nor will it be responsible for the use that the user makes of that information.


OCCUPANTS.- The client can only accommodate the maximum number of people defined in the characteristics of the apartment and the contracted rate.
CLEANING.- The apartment will be made available to the client in proper cleaning conditions. The client agrees to leave the apartment in a reasonably clean condition without garbage or food remains.
EQUIPMENT.- The client agrees to leave the apartment with the same conditions of conservation of the furniture and equipment that he found at the entrance.
MODIFICATIONS.- We reserve the right to change the contracted apartment for one with similar or superior characteristics in cases of force majeure such as occupancy or damages that occur after the reservation date. These changes will have no cost to the client.


The prices of the services shown on our website are indicated in euros and include applicable taxes and their corresponding breakdown, unless otherwise indicated.
The price of each home is the one that appears on our website or, in the case of a telephone reservation, the one indicated at the time of making the reservation.
All reservations are prepaid and direct reservations must be paid no later than 5 days before the arrival date, or as agreed with the owner.
The breakdown of the price, along with the applicable tax rate, can be seen on the website before formalizing the reservation or, if the reservation is made by telephone, it will be indicated by that means.
Based on its commercial policy, RAUL PAZ REY may make final price variations either for loyalty, for the acquisition of products of a certain entity or relevance, as well as others that RAUL PAZ REY may stipulate in due course. However, it will be RAUL PAZ REY who freely and voluntarily offers these discounts and/or rebates to whomever he deems appropriate, and they cannot be demanded or requested at any time by the client.


The company offers you the following payment methods:

Credit or debit card
In order to provide greater security to credit card owners, they have included a three-digit number on their cards called CSC that serves as an identification code to verify the physical presence of the card during Internet transactions. This three-digit number is printed on the back of your card (in the signature area), immediately after the card number. In order to prevent fraudulent transactions with credit cards, RAUL PAZ REY reserves the right to ask its clients for said control digits before accepting the reservation.
Credit card fraud is a crime, and RAUL PAZ REY will take legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction.
RAUL PAZ REY tracks each transaction and will use all means available by law so that those who make fraudulent purchases are sanctioned by the authorities.

If you prefer the payment method by conventional transfer (you write down our account number and make the transfer in person at your nearest bank), “indicate information to make the transfer”.
If you prefer the payment method by online transfer (make your transfer directly through the RAUL PAZ REY website), “indicate CUSTOMER information to make transfer” to enter your data.
It must be made in the euro currency.
It is important that you indicate in Observations: “order no. x”, as well as your name and surname.
It is important that you make the transfer within 3 days after placing the order, to prevent your order from expiring.
The reservation will not be considered effective until RAUL PAZ REY can effectively verify that the payment has been made.
Remember that all possible exchange and bank fees are your responsibility when opting for this payment system.


Reservations are formalized directly through the RAUL PAZ REY website, there being no intermediaries between RAUL PAZ REY and the user, nor are there any conditions of use and reservation other than those reflected in this document.


Every client, after formalizing their reservation, will be given a document that will include the name, type, and category of the establishment, complete final price of the accommodation, number or identification of the assigned home, and date of entry and exit. , as well as any other agreed conditions. The information corresponding to the complete final price of the accommodation will comply with the provisions of the applicable regulations.
Said document, signed by the client, will have proof value for all purposes.


Standard rate
Cancellation before 5 days of the arrival date, full refund of the amount paid.
Cancellation with less than 5 days before the arrival date, no amount is refunded, but the dates could be changed (depending on availability).

Non Refundable Rate
In case of cancellation, no amount is refunded.


As established in article 103 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the right of withdrawal will not be applicable to contracts. that refer to:
• The supply of accommodation services for purposes other than housing, transportation of goods, vehicle rental, food or services related to leisure activities, if the contracts provide for a specific date or period of performance.


To communicate with us, we offer you different means of contact that we detail below:
Telephone: 616588225.
Postal address: AVDA DE SANTIAGO 35 36680 – A ESTRADA (PONTEVEDRA)
All communications and notifications between users and RAUL PAZ REY will be considered effective for all purposes, when made through any means detailed above.
There are complaint forms available to the client, which can be requested through the aforementioned means.


Disputes between the parties that may arise from contracts concluded exclusively electronically may be resolved extrajudicially through the online dispute resolution platform published by the European Commission, which will contain all the information necessary to exercise the rights. corresponding actions.
The link to the platform from which the corresponding claim can be exercised is the following:


In the event that a consumer and user is involved, the parties submit, for the resolution of conflicts arising from these general conditions of sale, to the Courts and Tribunals of the civil order corresponding to the consumer’s domicile, by virtue of their specific regulations. .